2018 PATCH for FacePass/FacePro Time Clock

We are aware of an issue affecting our FacePass/FacePro time clocks. Since the New Year 2018, the date on the time clock keeps reverting back to 2010 OR the date might revert back a few days. Please follow the instructions below to fix that issue:


1. Download the patch files from the following link: Download FP-Patch-2018

2. Extract the two files from the ZIP file downloaded, and copy them on the root of a USB Flash Drive.

3. Start your FacePass/FacePro time clock and insert the USB Flash Drive with the two files.

4. Enter the Menu of the clock and navigate to Option -> Advanced -> System Version Update.

5. The time clock will start updating automatically. Once the update is completed, the time clock will restart.

6. Once the time clock has restarted, please make sure to adjust the date/time to the correct value!

7. After the patch is applied, and the date has been readjusted, please turn the clock completely off for a few seconds, then turn it back on.


You can verify that the patch has been applied properly by entering the menu of your time clock, selecting INFO and NEXT PAGE. The Kernel version should show v2.0.2B.

Your time clock should now be fixed.


Note: Please make sure you use a compatible USB Flash Drive (<8GB) otherwise the clock won't apply the patch properly.

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