How do I register my Software?

It is very important that you register your Bio-Office software. Registration will let you use the software, activate updates and optional upgrades.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you purchased the Standard Edition of our software, you can only install it on one computer. Once registered, you will not be able to move the software to another computer.

The Customer Registration Form will appear when starting the software for the first time. You can also access the form from the HELP menu of the software.

Bio-Office Registration Form


  • Customer Name: The name of the person who purchased the time clock (as it appears on your order).
  • Company Name: The name of your company (as it appears on your order).
  • Telephone: The phone number of your company (as it appears on your order).
  • Email: The email address used when placing the order.
  • Software ID: The Software License is printed on the CD provided with the time clock. The license is case-sensitive.
  • Device Serial: The Serial Number of your time clock. This can be found on the side of the box or on the back of the clock itself.

Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet when doing the registration.

Note: Sometimes firewalls or antivirus can prevent the software from registering properly. It is highly recmmended to disable any antivirus on your computer and/or network before starting the registration process.

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